Add a little sweetness to your Saturday

History of Halloween and Fun Facts
According to the National Retail Federation, Halloween will be even more popular this year with money spent on the holiday reaching an all time high of $9.1 billion. The National Retail Federation even predicts that $2.7 billion will be spent on candy. This unique holiday we celebrate did not arrive in America until the mid-1800s, when Irish and Scottish immigrants came, who had celebrated it in their home countries. The History Channel explains that Halloween is derived from an Irish festival, called Samhain. During this festival bonfires and turnips with carved faces were used to scare off fairies from their villages.
Today, people celebrate the holiday by dressing up in costumes, trick-or-treating, and even venturing to haunted places. Ghost stories are a huge part of folklore and children and adults alike enjoy dressing up in ghost costumes. Sweet Equations is celebrating Halloween with a new candy treat, Ghost Pops.

To create your own Ghost P…

Tasty Tuesday

The Mummy Pops
For Tasty Tuesday, our dessert is Halloween themed. These Mummy Pops are so delicious. First, you start with an Oreo cookie, which is placed on a lollipop stick. Next, you use white candy melts. These are drizzled onto the Oreo cookie through the use of piping bags. Then black sixlets are used to create the mummy’s eyes and are the finishing touch to this treat’s spooky appearance. This treat would be great for your Halloween celebration. With rich white candy and Oreos, this treat will be a favorite among children who are trick-or-treating.
In honor of the Mummy Pops’ appearance on Tasty Tuesdays, there is a word scramble. These words that need to be unscrambled are based off of this particular dessert. Search the following picture for clues for Halloween related words if you need assistance with the word scramble.

yspoko         ______________________________   
umymm       ______________________________
elhwoanel    ______________________________
adcyn          ___…

Add a little sweetness to your Saturday

Halloween is a holiday that is celebrated with candy and sweets. Below are some of our best selling candy cake creations. They are perfect for any occasion.
So Special Kat Walk Cake
This chocolate cake will be the star of your event. It is our number one best selling candy cake. The So Special Kat Walk cake is topped with M&Ms and sprinkles. Kit Kats surround the cake and enhance the sweetness of the cake.

Paparazzi Junior Cake
This cake is stylized after the best selling Chocolate Paparazzi Cake. With four layers of rich chocolate, and many candy choices, this treat is perfect for Halloween. Chocolate and butterscotch chips, peanut covered candy, chocolate rolled wafers, and chocolate covered raisins are the candies that decorate the cake. This is a cake for true candy fans.

Nutty Buddy
This cake is one of our top sellers and is featured in a video on our YouTube channel. The Nutty Buddy cake is perfect for peanut butter lovers. This cake is made with rich chocolate and topped w…